Director of Strategic Communications “Ukraine Today”, Lada L. Roslycky visited Canada and United States in March 2015.
In an interview for TV Niezalezna Polonia Ottawa she explains a complex and horrifying aspects of a daily life in Ukraine these days, what Ukrainians really need today and how dangerous for the media and the World leaders would be to keep ignoring this grave and growing every day threat to the World peace.

On March 20th Lada Roslycky also presented in Ottawa the newly released documentary “Tortured Ukraine” showed by the Ukrainian National Federation Ottawa-Gatineau.

Lada L. Roslycky LL.M., PhD is a Director of Strategic Communications “Ukraine Today”.
She is an international relations expert with over 15 years of experience working in Euro-Atlantic integration, democracy
building and soft power security. Lada is specialized in international law, strategic communication, Ukraine,post-Soviet political-criminal relations and Russia s
separatist geopolitical strategy.