Demonstration march in OTTAWA, JANUARY 23rd, 1:00 P.M. This protest not only concerned the Polish Republic, but also addressed the safety of all of Europe and especially the safety and future of countries in the Central and East European Region. This was to protest the interference of the European Union and some German politicians in the internal matters of the Republic of Poland, a sovereign country and also to protest untrue EU political statements made by influential EU figures, defamatory German media campaigns, German media manipulation, and lies by German-owned media concerning the newly elected President of Poland and the newly elected Polish Government. It aslo expressed full support for the democratically elected new President of Poland, the democratically elected new Parliament and Senate in Poland, the new Government and their political and economic reforms. This blatant abuse of power exercised by some EU and some German politicians is a threat to Polish democracy and Poland itself. The outcome of this unfair political confrontation will affect the safety of all of Europe, the integrity of NATO and the European Union Itself. It could have grave consequences for the entire World. If democracy, independence and sovereignty go down in Poland, peace and prosperity in all of Europe will be undermined. What exactly has happened?After 8 years of corruption and destruction of the key elements of life in the country, including its economy, defence and finances, the Civic Party was soundly defeated last year in Presidential, Parliamentary and Senate elections in Poland. The Law and Justice Party in Poland obtained a majority 53 % of the seats in Parliament and in the Senate, giving them a majority government. The new government, which has been in power for only 8 weeks (sworn in on November 11 last year) started to implement these reforms legally in accordance with the Polish Constitution.The problem is that some powers, also outside of Poland, don’t like these reforms. First, the Civic Party has not accepted their political defeat. To challenge this, they started an aggressive defamatory campaign in the media (85 % owned by German media corporations) and by international lobbying. Then stepped in some EU politicians, some of them German. Here is what some of the main lobbyists in this blunt and arrogant interference in Polish sovereignty have said: German EU MP Martin Schultz: “The events in Poland are in the nature of a coup”‘”At same point you have to fight and say, if necessary, we will also do it using force” EU MP and Commissioner Günther Oettinger:”there is a need to activate the “Rule of Law mechanism”. He specifically used the German phrase: “Rechtsstaats- mechanismus aktivieren”.EU MP from Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt: ”the Law and Justice Party (PiS) dismantles the constitutional tribunal“ This fury and these threats are in large part tied in to accusations that Poland resisted a request from Germany and refused to accept refugees, which is false. First of all – Poland already accepted refugees from the Middle East but only to a certain number. What they refused is the German push for an “unlimited quota” of immigrants. Secondly, to this day Poland has given shelter to almost one million Ukrainians fleeing from the war tormented neighbouring country. As a result of that perfidious political campaign, the European Commission under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker introduced almost two weeks ago the first phase of procedures for so called “supervision of law in Poland”, which is to gather information about the situation in Poland to prepare for possible sanctions as the next step. Let’s go back for a moment to the expressed intention of those EU politicians to “force the law” as was stated by Mr. Schulz or to “activate the “Rule of Law mechanism”, specifically using the German phrase: “Rechtsstaatsmechanismus aktivieren” as expressed by Mr. Günther Oettinger. It was about 76 years ago when some German politicians also decided to introduce a new mechanism law -“Rechtsstaatsmechanismus aktivieren” in Poland and almost the entire free World. That was 1939, the start of World War II. That ended up with nearly 90 million victims, including more than 6 million Poles, of which 3 million were Polish Jews. Poland during the Second World War, suffered the most of all peoples and states with biological losses (per thousand residents, 220 were killed or died), material losses of more than $16.9 trillion and cultural losses with 2/5 of Polish cultural property completely destroyed and 2/5 stolen by the two occupants. And Poland never received a cent from Germany as restitution for any of these losses.Do we really want to receive lessons in democracy from sons or grandsons of those who committed such war crimes? Poland today is a safe and stable country. Hands off Polish democracy!
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